The War Waged Against Women by Women

Originally Posted September 25, 2017 

Intended Consequences #4

‘Fainting Couch Feminists’—as some refer to ‘modern feminists’—are waging war against women. Take, for instance, the following. Feminists:

  1. Infantilize women by making them look ridiculous by wearing absurd replica genitals on their heads in public.
  2. Encourage women to accept the ‘victim’ role.
  3. Support bad behavior because the perpetrator is female.
  4. Disparage women who take a traditional role as playing into the hands of so-called misogynistic / sexist men.
  5. Push women to embrace non-traditional roles for the sake of the ’cause.’
  6. Make enemies of men – women’s natural biological partners.
  7. Push homosexuality and transgender policies at a young age.
  8. Demand that larger society accept and approve #7.
  9. Encourage deviant behavior as ‘normal’ and ‘good’.
  10. Punish any woman who disagrees with ‘feminist’ policies and particularly,
  11. Totally ignoring the realdire problems that face women: sexual slavery, marital rape, female genital mutilation.

And more.

The ’cause’ is irrelevant – the goal is destruction of Western Culture and the civilization it has enabled. These ‘feminists’ embrace terrorist like Linda Sansour and make enemies of women who are truly fighting for women’s rights such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali née Magan & Waris Dirie, the author of Desert Children, whose graphic description of how she was mutilated by her mother and other women in her village is a horror story I will never forget.

‘Feminists’ ignore the human trafficking perpetrated by Coyotes, the barcoding of their victims for commercial purposes, the selling of children into slavery, the serial rape of women and girls on their journey.

All of the above can be applied to any Marxist-inspired policy and/or group. The ’cause’ is the important matter – finding a solution is not. Addressing the real issues is even less so. Finding a solution means that the problem disappears thus eliminating the need for the ’cause’.

Without the ’cause’, there is no need for mindless chanting of three word phrases.