Emasculation is Never Painless

Originally Posted: April 17, 2017

Intended Consequences #2

With all the talk of colleges treating maleness/masculinity as a mental and emotional disorder, I decided it is time for me to talk about my own experience of raising three boys.

I realized I was out of my depth fairly soon with three young rapscallions under the age of five. I was fortunate to have a present and supportive husband. Even so, it was my initiative that led us to an understanding of the male psyche that saved my sons from the fate intended for them by a school system specifically designed for girls.

Until I read Bringing Up Boys, by Dr. James Dobson, I believed the school system was just doing their job to civilize and educate. I had already had numerous conflicts with school authorities about the behavior of my sons:

  • they always have to be first in line
  • they don’t wait their turn
  • they can’t stay still
  • they always want to win

All of the above are natural to the male of the species. These characteristics are the essential ingredients in the strong and stable society, a growing and nurturing culture. All of the ingredients which have allowed Western Society to succeed, create and sustain the way of life we treasure.

Masculine drive to succeed has made possible the way of life that is the envy of the world and the reason we are continually under assault from those who embrace their bitter envy rather than make efforts to improve their own living conditions. They choose to tear down what men have built rather than take action and personal responsibility for their circumstances.

I have had the honor of mentoring several young men from various backgrounds and ethnic groups. Each one has said he is hesitant to offer the simplest courtesy of holding the door for young women. I wonder what the lives of these young men and women will be like when the Leftists’ work is done?

Addendum 12/15/2019: With the advent of the Toxic Masculinity Insanity, protecting our sons from the intentional emasculation that Marxists advocate is even more critical. The purpose of this derogatory language toward men is plain:

  • vilify & destroy the heroes who protect us
  • make men ashamed of their natural inclinations to
    • rescue & protect
    • achieve & build
    • procreate & establish family

The intended result will be a weakened civilization, already teetering on the precipice of the globalist/socialist abyss.


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