Marxist America

Originally Posted November 20, 2017

Intended Consequences #5

A little over one year ago, we dodged a nuclear bomb of destruction on November 8, 2016, not a mere bullet.

America was saved by the very people that Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin meant to enslave—the poor, the undereducated, working men and women, salt of the Earth people who have always been the strength and energy that drives, sustains and inspires the American culture. They were assisted by the few survivors and escapees who awakened from the false promises of the so-called utopian dream of peace and unity that issues from the essentially divisive “diversity”—the ultimate weapon of the Marxists—who had been indoctrinated in higher education from the 1960s onwards.

Marxist-Leninist Saul Alinsky and his devotees, Barrack Hussein Obama and Hillary Rodman Clinton, had a very different outcome in mind. Obama, in eight years, had laid the foundations in the first stages of American cultural destruction: he had divided the citizens into warring groups—gender and identity, poor and rich, minority and majority, urban and rural, ecology and industry, faith and secular, the divisions are endless; moved ahead with universal healthcare, ridiculed the faithful and undermined the productive.

Had HRC won the election, the further destruction of the American culture may have gone on to the extent of turning our country into the subservient asylum of “useful idiots” Marx and Lenin most wanted to complete their goal of a globally dominant communist state. In every country that has embraced socialism/communism, that system has failed and the people have suffered great misfortune.

The latest example is Venezuela where the people have been reduced to scavenging for food in garbage while the ruling class (the socialist elites) continue to lavish luxury and indulgence on themselves.

The communist worldview collapsed with the imploding of the USSR in the 1980s, but that did not stop the Marxist/Leninist nightmare from driving its agenda to achieve total global domination through their control of the banking system, the broadcast and print media, and most diabolically, academia.

Our system of higher education had already begun its march toward a culturally Marxist compliant one-world government in the 1930s, but before that we were subjected to the takeover of our financial systems with the formation of national banks—all privately owned and for-profit—such as the infamous Federal Reserve Bank that was forced on Americans during the Woodrow Wilson presidency. The Bank of England was the creation of Mayer Rothschild whose motivation had always been to control the financial system in order to control the British government.

The formation of The Federal Reserve Bank was another nail in the coffin of national sovereignty. Strongly recommended reading for all who are now “woke” and want to have the critical inside information to wake others: Who Stole Our Culture by William Lind.